I don't think I have signed in before! I just sent all your links to Rhonda Brewer (she's temporarily in Virginia, but will be back in Oregon) so she can listen to your music and so forth. She will LOVE the blog....
Been enjoying Ric's tunes since 2006 & always look forward to hearing new tracks when they become available.
Great song on Car Talk this week!
hi just heard the bichon song great keep up the good work signed HERCULES XX
wow, i would have never guessed how lucky we are to have met you. can't wait to meet in person! love the music, personality, carisma, honesty....you are incredible!
Enjoyed your "Miss Rice" account! Don't tell "Daddy", but it was Mrs. Rice.... she was married to a state trooper until their divorce in about 1956, when their daughter (Judy) was a cheerleader at Wilson High. She remarried a rich guy named Carl Doty....had a vacation home in Manzanita...2 grandkids. (Your memories are much more fun!)
Hi Ric: Hope this email finds things well with you. I just found some videos of me way back when. Go to joey paigehollywoodagogo and check them out. Hope you enjoy!! Best, Joey Paige
Love the website, blog (need to update, please write more! you are funny!) Love the Bichon Frise song! Keep it going!
Noticed all your Feb. 21, 2009 uploads to the PMN. Definitely gonna feature the one about "one more beatles song" lol. OK, thinking we should get in touch on email or Skype and plan some audio intros if you want? ttyl :-)
Keep on rockin big daddy
Where's my photo credit? The pict in your braids. No Prom-Dress girls? Love the Air-stream guitar. Entry 12/22/07 by Dan. Is that who I think it is? Yes, steaks & corn-on-the-cob. Working with you in the 90's was the height of my 30 year baking career! Talk of it often, miss it still. Thank-you for giving me permission to be who I really was. And also for encouraging me to write. For you are.....Mr."Word Guy" Love Always!
Hi Ric... was adding into my iTunes a Morning Reign song ("Can I Believe In You") taken from a net-friend's homemade Sunshine Pop collection and was trying to find some info about the song out here on the web...and then I found your site. I wound up looking around for a while and just wanted to say hello and wish you well.
How is it possible we are sneaking up on our 60th year on this planet? Happy Birthday in a few days oldman
I'm sending the colonoscopy song round to a few friends avoiding theirs!
Hi Ric, I used to live on Harrison St. 1961-63 just two doors down. We were the Canadian kids, Paul(that's me), John, David and our baby sister Laura. My mom and dad were Wally and Eleanor Knox. Dad drove a two tone pink and white Nomad station wagon. My brother John and I used to play with Elaine and Julie. I must admit I had a crush on Elaine but she was a couple of years older than me. My brothers and I used to go turtle hunting over in the City Nursery ponds. We also played on the swing sets up at the top of Mt. Tabor Park. I fondly remember 'Christmas Lane', it was magic! Dad painted all the windows up to look like stained glass one year. I think he won first prize for the best decorated house that year! I remember the Boyce's next door and didn't your family drive a Blue two tone Meteor? When I finished grade three at Atkinson School we moved back to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I still live in the Vancouver area, married 34 years with two children, boy and girl (they're all grown up and married) Please if you have Elaines and/or Julies email I'd sure like to drop them a line to say hello! All the best, Paul Knox wpknox@telus.net
Sitting here cranking out Christmas treats, dreaming of grilling steaks atop ye old doughnut fryer and playing pranks on new employees. http://tinyurl.com/37agts
Great Q & A In the Trib....in the picture which one is the Fruitcake?
Hey Ric! My mom googled my name and said that your website came up with a picture of us together. I new exactly which one it had to be too. Thanks for thinking of me, and for being such an incredible mentor and friend.
Bama Bombs: http://wiki.freegeek.org/index.php/Bama_Bombs
Do you have the exact recipe for the Bama Bomb? I'm in charge of making them for the FL State game next week end. Please help! M.
Hey, congratulations on your black jack win, Blaine! Well told, Ric!
just like to say i love the brangelina song!!its a great song- listen to it whenever i can thanks ric!
Happy Birthday Old Man...miss your blogs
I remember you and Charlotte, Ric from the 1958 Junior Rose Festival Court. I was Princess Patsy from district 10, my Prince was Johnny Jahns. I was the youngest one on the court @ age 8, so it was fun to read your memories.
Just checkin' out your Airstream. Looks great!
Hi Ric. I have to really congratulate you on your new song "Oprah for President". It's possibly the biggest piece of drivel I have heard since Baz Luhrmann's "Sunscreen" speech. I think you can consider "Oprah for president" an insult to the average intellectual liberal. Your lyrics seem to be composed of a string of non-sequitor fad phrases. I subscribed to your email list so that I can be notified the next time you post such hilarious crap. Thanks for the laughs, Bob
Hey Ric, enjoyed your site. Hope all is well with you. Harley
I read somewhere that you have a baseball with the names Mantle, Maris, and of course Eli Grba. Do you still have the ball and from what year? Eli Grba
hey do you know my mom hey name is judy christiansen but...her maiden name was seaberg and i remember her mentioning her cousin rick alot
From a Prince to a KING of Rock & Roll....what a strange trip it has been
Thanks Ric--nice to know you're there!
6201 S.E. Harrison is a millenium away, but I sure enjoyed seeing your site, your album covers & your music. You be a star, Man.
Published author, chef and musician, too? Wow. Renee
I'm your distant cousin from Michigan, currently residing in the cold tundra of the Upper Peninsula. I received your web link from cousin Wes Snyder. Love the family photos.
Are you familiar with the guitar maker, Augustino LoPrinzi? He mostly makes classical guitars, but, also produces steel strings and ukes. He's pretty well known. He's an old family friend. Really great guy. So is his wife, Carol. Merry Christmas, Ric, and Happy New Year. Next year, I'll buy one of your CDs. Let me know which one is your favorite.
Hey there. Just a quick correction to one of your photos on the website. Unfortunately, that is NOT an actual anchor from the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. The Fitz has all her anchors intact at the bottom of Lake Superior. That anchor was accidentally dropped by the Fitz in the Detroit River years before her sinking. The anchor in your picture was raised from the Detroit River after the Fitz sank, and put on display in it's current spot. Just a freindly FYI !
I love your singing. Had a good laugh with "If I could be a geek" ;) Take Care!
Great site, guys! Disney.com is great also!
what a beautiful page http://maria.blogdiario.com
Just to inform you the anchor was one she lost earlier in her career and after she sank they found it in the Saint Mary's River.
Great Dog! Go for It! From your old pal Ken.
Had great fun looking at (literally) every photo image you have posted. Feel like I kind of know you, Marie and Blaine! Found you through my boyfriends blog (kodijack.blogspot). He has you listed as basically a blog he wants to check out when he has time. He's right...I have already spent a good twenty minutes here and barely touched upon what's available. I'll be back...that's for sure!
Hey, just wanted to say that I love your Dopamine song. LOL I found out that you like Bama Bombs from Rammerjammeryellowhammer.com. It's weird, I have seen you around Blog explosion, but didn't know you liked the Tide. Roll Tide! Dana Sieben www.southerngalgoesnorth.blogspot.com
Just wanted to say Hey to another Portlander. Waves from the West side :-)
nice looking blog. www.drunkinthedesert.com
Marti Lawrence said I would enjoy your page and she was right.
Sounds like you have a few very lucky and special doggies. :) Got here by way of BlogExplosion. http://jenniferandkimberly.net/blogathon05
After I have read your blog, I can get to know that you are a good man!!! http://ohiocky.sm3r.com my blog
cool site
Surfing Blog Explosion, and got dropped off at your doorstep. Great stories! Best wishes! http://digitaldoorwayblog.blogspot.com/
=) cool web!!!!
Haha, I'm laughing my little bum off over here over your food coloring dough story! That is hilarious! Http://laurenjennifer.blogspot.com
I LOVE your blog. I'm always quite happy when I surf onto it. However, I wish you would allow comments on your posts. I'd love to compliment you on your work well done.
Run up and down the stairs a few times???? In an Airstream????
Happy Birthday, Ric! My ex's birthday is May 9th. Hovering right there with Mother's Day. 2 gifts in a row. She always had expensive tastes. I always looked forward to the time they both fell on the same day. Oh well, it didn't really much matter, I just got her one VERY expensive gift.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the guy with all the Mojo!
Happy Fathers' Day Ric. Thanks for the post.
I just finished reading your post about missing your father and being a father yourself. I don't know you, but I feel certain that Blaine and your daughters consider themselves lucky to have you as a father. Your love for them is evident in your writing, and I'm glad I spent more than 30 seconds reading it! Blaine sounds like an amazing young man. I have no disabilities, but couldn't begin to accomplish the things he has. What an inspiration! God bless you and your entire family. ~ MARCI ~
Thank you Ric for that very touching story. Happy Fathers Day
Oh I know the wheelchair access story all too well, people need to actually get in a wheelchair and use their own facilities to test them out. Have a wonderfully exciting trip.
Great blog, interesting stories! Looks like life has served you an excellent meal and I hope the journey you take in your airstream ends up as a fantastic desert. I suppose that would be appropriate for a pastry chef!
That's quite a story, Ric. Glad things have turned out well for you. Recently, I had a severe case of the hiccups. I never really had them before. But, after a week, I decided to go to the doctor. He thought it was a lung tumor and prescribed Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) which is used for schizophrenia, among other ailments, such as severe hiccups. That was quite a scare for me. Lung tumor. The hiccups went away that night, but, in the meantime, he scheduled me for blood work, an upper GI and chest x-rays. The tests came back a lot better than I thought. Lungs look really good, he said. I have a hernia in my esophogus, on top of GERD. He changed my diet and I now take 2 Prilosecs a day. So far, no more problems. I always thought you'd feel pain on the left side, not the right, so I learned something from what you wrote. Always good to know, since I will soon be 53 and I did used to partake in some rather illegal substances a long time ago (cough, cough.) I still don't exercise enough, either.
well I had a good look at that thing and that is definitely a sickle! Ask anybody.
I kind of got the giggles at your rat/sicle blog entry. As a bonified rat lover, however I kept thinking, "Why didnt he just pick it up by the tail." Sometimes I forget not everyone is rattie tolerante. -smile-
Hi sweetie, just dropping in to say hi while on wifi at a conference in Boston. I love you!!
Why didn't I sign here before? I really enjoy visiting your blog and music too! www.anjipatchwork.blogspot.com
Hi, I love the layout and style of your blog. Very well done, I'll come back to visit. Would you come visit my blog as well? http://chocolatelover.blog-city.com
Great blog, surfed in through BE. Kari, www.dogwooddreams.com
Enjoyed reading your story at TrafficG
Dishwasher salmon sounds great! I've often cooked in the wrong appliance by mistake, anyways.
I always wanted to see inside an Airstream. THANKS!!! Looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What I found interesting about those old days of long hair (when we had hair,) is that, the same ones who harassed you so badly all of a sudden started sprouting long hair. Maybe it took that one first C&W star to get the whole thing going, but to me it was clearly hypocritical. Then came the mullet, but that's a whole new story.
Ric: Guess what I found you. Haven't had time to go thru all but was great to see your face. You look happy. I have all the info on cd baby.com.My project is on hold right now. It needs to be mastered and then I need to make the cd's. Right now real estate has me quite busy and Im trying to buy a house. Condo's start around $360,000. It's crazy!! Thanks for the update. Bye for now. Joe P.S. The first thing I will do is listen to your music.
I love the post about Stacey's Song. It brought tears to my eyes, because my father also wrote a song to me when I got married the first time. "Sadly I am rejoicing as I give this man your hand..." *sniff* My dad played in a bar band and travelled the Holiday Inn route all over Michigan. I recall falling asleep to band practice happening in the next room... music so loud it made my chest thump in an echo! Ahh, thank you for sharing your song, and for the recalled memory of my dad. I think I need to call that man and remind him how much he is loved. I am bookmarking your site, so it's not lost in the void and I find it again.
I live near hawthorne and once wanted to live there but the house prices were INSANE. I live close enough now, but find I don't visit very often. Cool to see another SE Portlander in the blog universe :)
So this guy has a duck.... The wave of alarm quacks from the flock brings the man who scares the coyote into dropping the crushed gem from its mouth. The physical blows are tolerable after a bit of healing but now every moment alive is another miracle. This exuberant one now solicits the drake, flies higher, is more alert, and has verve like no other. What doesn't kill you can give you a chance to live differently. Spirit matters. Thanks for the site and your sharing.
Am glad your blog was one of my stops today. Keep blogging!
Just surfed in from BE and read your heartfelt post about your cat. Had the exact same problem which resulted in the exact same solution. I feel your pain. You are so right, they get over it and you are obviously blessed with a wonderful family despite past mistakes. Great blog, I'll be back.
Ric, I read that in the days of Morning Reign, the band opened some shows for The Guess Who. That would have been late 60's- early 70's? I am leading a group of internet- based Guess Who fans to compile a complete Concert History of The Guess Who. We like to include opening acts in our history, listed by date. Can you recall any info about the shows with The Guess Who....date- city- venue- other acts on the bill? Any info, even bits, would be appreciated. Thanks Bill (home email is carguy@cyberbeach.net)
Love the Airstream. Love the Xmas dog story. Lynne Gibbons
Had a chance to visit the old photos! Fun! By the way, what is the name of this font?
Ric, Great site. I see the BAMA Bombs made it. Question is how many of them have you finished? Let's hope there are none left after the 2005 season. ROLL TIDE!! Chris
Ted Sorensen was the first to sign in here?! Cool! I wonder if we could make your guestbook the official sigh-in place for the class of 1966's, um, 40-year reunion. Hey, could your web guys make this cursor darker? I can barely see it flashing.
Love your site, Ric! Glad to see the pic of that famous Dog Dreams guy, Chestnut :o) I'm enjoying all the tunes I have not heard before. Good stuff, as always. Man, I'm so behind! Hey, who built your Airstream/toaster guitar? Way cool!
Hey Ricky, Lookin' good! Maybe we're headed for a kinder, gentler world after all. much love, meg
Dear Ric, Thanks for all your support of peace and quiet!!! Ted Rueter and Carla Moore
Ricster....love the site....great design and navigability (ditto from Robin)...the pix and blog are wonderful.....an extension of your creative talent......the Reign lives!
Ric, dude, what a flash from the past. I was there man, in the front row when you opened for the Doors. I was the one with the seawood body rub screaming "I love you guys". Glad we remet. Doug
Ric, I played "We talk about Cars," just now and NO problem! I used the 2nd sign on. Even tho I have DSL. I also read a lot of your Blogs. I really enjoyed them. Keep up the good work. WES
You did a great job on your web site, and all the good stuff you have on it. I will be printing out the pages to add to our family album.
Ric, I think it was a blessing we did not have great success in show biz. Hell, we might be dead today. Instead, we have made a few cookies and eaten a few cookies and we are alive and kicking. Thanks for being in touch. It was great hearing from you with memories from the good ole days. Have a great life! Aloha, Wally "Famous" Amos
Very Handsome site! I am sending it to your Mom's Cousin David Ennes in Brooksville, Fl. He is 67 and knew your Mom very well. He and Gordy and I palled around as kids.
Hey Ric! Pretty neat website! I especially liked the photos of the family (including Pippi and Poppi!) and the ones "Back in the Day!'
Hiya Ricky! My goodness man! This is a nice piece of work. Keep it up. By the way, as long as I've got your ear, I'm doing a couple of songwriter's circles: Thursday,January 27 at the Buffalo Gap and Saturday, January 29th at Madison's; it's on the corner of SE 12th and Madison. It's good to hear from you in any case. Peace and happiness man. Let me know when your new disc is done and where I can get it. Lyle
A waterfall out of an old dough mixer... Now I've heard everything....
You look great..sound great. Actually you ARE great! I'm proud to know you...and for a lot longer than most people!!
You've done a great job on this project! What fun! The photos are great, and the format is really user friendly. Of course, if I opened my window you could shout the stories across the fence....
Ric -- your site rocks. "Dopamine" rocks. The Bama Bomb-packed fridge rocks. Oh yeah and the Airstream rocks too. That's a lot of rocking for one dude. Keep it up. W
(You know me?!) Nice web site. I'm going investigate "broadband". I'm not sure how to go about it. I'll call AOL and ask about it. Good talking with you, Ric.
May the record show that Ric is the one who buys things for the dogs. Not Marie. She is the one who looks in astonishment at the things Ric buys for the dogs...
Your Airstream is a work of art. love it. I have 64 Glabetrotter, in pretty much its original state, not so pretty as yours but it works for me. Hope you can come to the VAC rally in Colorado sometime? We had 70 units there last summer. Polly

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