I See You Love Me

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


You write…a pretty good letter….I see you love me

And that you want to have my children….good idea….we’ll need some money…..I’ll need a vasectomy reversal….do you know a good surgeon?…

What about your brother? I hear he’s damn good with a scalpel

Let’s change the subject…..I prefer less planning…..you know the truth is honey….


I love you too, I never thought that you would say it!!

I appreciate your candor and I want to be your lover baby

This is the news that I’ve been waiting for and I…..love you too


Distance….has been a problem….we’re wasting postage….

Although I like my postmaster…he’s got a nice family…sport utility vehicle

And I believe thay are into religion…I think it’s a good thing

And he loves his woman….they’re just a happy suburban couple

But I think on Sundays,….we’ll stay in bed dear….

And eat lox trim bagels



I still remember….your first two husbands….who didn’t treat you

Like you deserve to be treated…so get ready baby

I will be your warrior….and I know how to make pesto…but I’ll 

Need some tickles…..and a lot of kissing

My self-help books are history


I love you too! I never thought that you would write it!

I appreciate your ardor and I want to be your knight in shining

You are the woman I’ve been waiting for and I….love you I

Love you too!

I love you!

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