There Goes Rhymin' Pie Man

Ric Seaberg

Previously unreleased songs recorded 1978-1999

During the years that I owned and operated Richard's Bakery, then Favorites Bakery, I wasn't writing or recording much. Cuz doughnuts. But I did have a little analog recording set up, a Tascam 4 track cassette recorder, a teeny keyboard, guitars. Around 89 I started going to Seattle occasionally to record with my old friend and keyboardist (oh and genius) Larry Sieber. We would spend a weekend together recording my songs, laughing and eating! The songs you hear in this section that sound more finished are from those sessions. I miss my dear friend Larry, who "slipped this mortal coil", as he would say, in 2010. Other songs here are more simply recorded, just me in a little room in the basement, baring my soul in song.

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