From the recording A Thousand Songs

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I didn’t know how to drive but i was learnin’, down by Franklin High
My father closed his eyes when I was turnin’, he was terrified
But we would turn the AM on, and sing the Duke of Earl
I was only seventeen, but I felt like the King of the World
In my Daddy’s car, In my Daddy’s car
In my Daddy’s car, In my Daddy’s car
I drove over to Sarah’s house, every chance I got
She was only a sophomore, but she was hot
Sometimes I’d sneak out at night, and stay out til the dawn
But when he left for work he never said
“Why’s the engine warm?”
Weekends were for changin’ oil, spark plugs and tires
We’d put on the football game, and cuss at the umpires
My father took a drive last year to the country in the sky
And left me this ol’ Pontiac, from 1965
Now as my kids are askin’, if they can learn to drive
Well The Duke of Earl is lookin’ down
While we harmonize.....
chorus, out