1. My New Truck

From the recording A Thousand Songs

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There's a key in my pocket
There's a road out my door
There's a rig in, my driveway
Much bigger than
The one I had before
There no Pepsi,  in the change hole
For my quarters to get stuck
There's no French fries on the
The dashboard
Of my new truck
I've got diesel, fired horses
But they still do, pack a punch
I got a mini, fridgerator
For when I take my lunch
All my friends are green with envy
When they see all this stuff
There's a version of home depot
On my new truck
My woman won't drive it!
Not that "Monstermobile"
But that's okay with me anyway
I'd rather be behind the wheel
So I take her, out to dinner
To a fancy new cafe
When she orders steak and lobster
I throw my cares away
No it isn't,  bout the money
What's a paltry hundred bucks
When I think of what I paid for
My new truck
I'll be workin', til I'm 80,
In my new truck