From the recording A Thousand Songs

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It’s a cold and crazy winter.......It was a cold and crazy night
And when the wind swept down the mountain
That’s when I held you tight
And when I said “I love you”...that’s what I meant t’say
But now the ship I came here on is sailing away
Well I wish I had a take my love along
So we could share our passion, to some Richard Thompson song
But I will call you every evenin’, while I’m lying in my berth
And you will hear me on the wavelength
When my cell phone works
There’s danger in the ocean, the rocks and ice and sea
But someone’s got to land the crab, for the Aristocracy
So when sunlight touches down.....i will have to say good-bye
And I know you’re gonna crumble, Yes I know you’re gonna cry
But when days turn into weeks, won’t you bake some berry scones
For I will need more sweetness,
When I come home