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Bitchin' Camaro
Ric Seaberg 2012
My sister just told me there's a song called "Bitchin' Camaro"
Which is amazing- cuz there are very few rhymes for Camaro 
I just pulled my rhyming dictionary up to check it out on my iPhone 
And just as I suspected rhyming choices for Camaro are narrow 
Yeah my sister Julie says there is a song titled "Bitchin' Camaro"
Well perhaps I could stand- to beef up my head banging collection 
Cuz I haven't really ever heard the song titled Bitchin' Camaro 
So of course that makes it credible for me to write one of my own
There's arrow, and sparrow, but sparrow's unconnected to Camaro
There's taro, and pharaoh , or mispronunciation of Carol.....
Well my sister Julie Facebooked there's a song titled "Bitchin' Camaro"
So now I have to Google it to see who in the hell wrote the first one
And I have just written MY version- in a Facebook window
Since I decided that it's plausible for me to write one of my own 
Yeah I figure it's acceptable for me to write one of my own
I owned a Bitchin' Camaro
During my mid life crisis
Thank God for rhyming dictionaries
Bruce Springsteen uses one
But when you look up crisis
No results are found