From the recording Consciousness

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My doggie died and my coffee was cold
I realized that I was getting old
The spin cycle in the washer broke
Our neighbor's attitude's a bit of a joke
But that was one day
That was, one day in my life
Only one day
Only one day in my life
I dropped my ramen on the kitchen floor
I left my wallet at the hardware store
The avocado I just bought is too ripe
Under the sink I found a leaky pipe
I see the future and I live in the past
When I'm not bein' here now
Sometimes the moment is hard to take
Sometimes I lose my faith cuz
My brother's woman had a wreck in her truck
She was a lady with a lot of pluck
We won't forget her- She's here in our hearts
I know she'd want us all to make a new start
Cuz that was one day, etc
Chorus twice out