1. Food Chain

From the recording Santa Monica

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I like a big fat juicy....juicy rib-eye steak
I like t’see a 30 ouncer....restin’ on my plate
That little place in our neighborhood sure does garlic butter good
and when I go to scoop it out, that's when i start to think about the 
Food Chain....we’re at the top of the food chain
We decide with our big brain...who’s gonna die
We’re top dog on the food chain, king of the gravy train
I’m not trying to abstain, but the buck stops here on the food chain
Gimme baked potato, to accompany my meat
Load it up with bacon bits to make my meal complete
Add a little appetizer, maybe hot wings for tonight
But when I’m dipping in the sauce, I remember I’m the boss of the
Maybe next time I buy meat....I’ll get a little smaller piece
Use my human intellect......show a little more respect for the
repeat last two lines of chorus, out