From the recording Santa Monica

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It’s been a long, long winter spring and now
We have reached this place somehow
Look at your roses and say WOW…..It’s my summer!
Last year’s behind us now at last
The future’s here it’s rich and vast
I hope it doesn’t go by fast….this, your summer!        
You’re an angel that sleeps right next to me
When I look at you I see
That God’s around and he does provide us each other…
We’re on the same side
It’s the Summer Of Alicia
It’s your summer!
This, the Summer of Alicia
It’s our summer!
We’ll spend some time in the kitchen cooking
Some time driving to the beach and looking 
At the people driving by the coast and looking at us
We’ll rent a video and maybe I’ll make some
Popcorn with sour cream and onion
You make my life complete , yes you do
I can’t believe how much I love you
I want to marry you and carry you
Out in Nancy’s garden
Go down to the river and see Mt. Hood
And the boats go by….the people with their shorts so tight
Fade on It’s your summer, It’s our summer