From the recording Santa Monica

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We take our van when we go for a ride
It's a full blown Astro with a lift on the side
There's jus' one thing missin', one thing to get
We need a puppy on board, we need a little white pet
One a'those dogs with a great disposition….
One a'those dogs would be a stellar addition!!!
We need a Bichon Frise, We Need a Bichon Frise
We need a Bichon Frise…on the motorway
When you're through with the classified ads
We'll stop at the store for some waterproof pads
Buy a few, buy a box, maybe pick up a spare
Just in case….later on…. we end up with a pair!!
I'll change the tires, drive over the passes
You walk the dog in your butterfly glasses…
Warm up the Chevy, put a new leash on
We're hittin' the road with a lovable Bichon

We got a Bichon Frise etc
Ad lib
We're cruisin' t Nashville, they're throwin' a bash filled with
Bichon Frises, etc