1. Brangelina!

From the recording Freedom of Expression

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Everybody knows she’s a beauty, Everybody knows you’re a stud She’s got the lips of a goddess, You’ve got the perfect butt Well I’m not even gay but you looked so great, In Thelma and Louise And even if you take a lot of blame You chose a woman with a pretty name Oh Brad! You coulda met a girl named Tina But Bina doesn’t sound as nice as Brangelina Goodwill Ambassador actress Goodwill Ambassador stud You got the nation’s attention Without spillin’ yer blood I like to see you fans by the magazine stands Investing in your fame They see your names combined in the grocery line Next to a picture of your Valentine Chorus Solo Bridge The coffee shops of America The gossip rags at the store Maury Povich and Connie Chung Gotta tell us more! Last two choruses