From the recording Freedom of Expression

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You can touch me on the wrist or the funny bone.
You can look at my keys when I'm flying home
You can X-ray my shaver and dirty comb
But don't touch my junk
You can snap on your gloves like a doctor does
You can check in my shoes for some traces of
Explosive devices and other stuff
But don't touch my junk
Oh the TSA has been inclined
To keep our safety in mind
Oh and I know there's terror all around
Cause there's terror down in Nethertown
Repeat bridge
You can look for suspicion into my eyes
Before I fly on your plane in the friendly skies
You can pat all you want on my inner thighs
But don't touch my junk
You can judge me and profile the way I stand 
Confiscate all my fruit and my contraband
You can treat me like I am the Taliban
Just don't touch my junk
No don't touch my
Please don't touch my
Don't touch my junk