From the recording Freedom of Expression

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He doesn’t shop at the last minute, for that birthday you had last week
he doesn’t buy your Christmas present, at the airport gift boutique
He doesn’t pay his taxes later than the day that they are due
He’s and example, He’s a teacher...He’s got a lesson to teach you....
Cuz he’s the God, yes He’s the God
He’s the God, Oh He’s my God
He is is the God, He’s the God
Of Anti-Procrastination
He doesn’t call you up for dinner, on the day he wants to go
He doesn’t get his concert tickets, on the evening of the show
He doesn’t fix the water heater, three weeks after she breaks
He doesn’t get a shut-off notice, or pay his bills too late
You’ll never slip on his snowy sidewalk, cuz he cleans it off in time
And the dog never eats his homework, so he turns it in on time
He doesn’t change his ol’ guitar strings, when they cannot stay in tune
He doesn’t prune his red-red roses, when they are startin’ in t’bloom
He doesn’t order up the heatin’ oil, when it is ten degrees outside
He don’ “forget” t’call his Mama, it’s jus’ somethin’ he can’t abide
He doesn’t mow his lawn when it’s lookin... more like a field than a yard
He doesn’t finally get some doggie food, when the doggies look half-starved
Cuz He’s the God etc final three choruses