1. Try Nothin'

From the recording Freedom of Expression

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In a fancy restaurant, three years ago
Love was movin’ fast and they were dancin’ real slow
When the waiter came, she ordered fresh Chinook
But he didn’t pick his menu up, because he did not have to look......
He didn’t wanna try nothin’....no escarole
No salmon in a patty shell, no encrusted sole
He didn’t wanna try nothin’, no crackers and roe
“Jus’ bring me steak and fries....’cause that’s all I need t’know”
He didn’t wanna try nothin’
It was a painful new beginning, their marriage did not last
A home and a family, is a thing of the past
In a greasy restaurant, three weeks ago
Alone and reminiscing with his chili bowl
When the tears came down, he said “this chili’s way too hot!”
So he ordered up another beer, the one he always got......
He didn’t wanna try nothin’, no counselor
He said “you’re the one who’s crazy!”
And walked on out the door
He didn’t wanna try nothin’, t’ try t’ work things out
“Cuz all we ever do is fuss and fight and shout”
He didn’t wanna try nothin’
He didn't wanna try nothin', there's nothin' wrong with me!
I don' need no doctor of psychology!
He didn't wanna try nothin'