1. Wide Load

From the recording Freedom of Expression

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Here it comes our brand new house, down this country road
It’s still in two pieces cuz it’s wider than a load
They’re gonna drop it on our land and nail the rafters tight,
Break out the blender Brenda, we’re gonna celebrate tonight!
Well I was down at the cigarette store, talkin’ to my sister Elaine
Buyin’ a case-o-cartons, of some brand without a name
Well she was a’lookin’ at catalogs of manufactured homes
I couldn’t believe my eyes at how that industry has grown!
Well you can get’em with a big ol’ porch for hangin’ overalls
Vaulted ceilin’s and livin’ rooms with texture on the walls
Open format family rooms and plugs for every light
Insulated to the gills! They’re makin’ them homesteads right! 
OHHH, chorus
Now my ol’ brother Larry’s got a house he built his self
It’s a bigger house than where his former family dwelt
They got them a castle with them climbin’ flower vines
Well that’s just to much upkeep! You gotta prune’m alla the time!
We fulfilled our manufactured lodgin’ fantasy
We don’ need insurance cuz we got a warrantee
We’re gonna leave the yard all dirt but it might turn to muck,
So I’ll jus’ throw some plywood down t’git up to the truck
OHHH, chorus, dialog, fade