1. Hog Line

From the recording Useful Information

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Now forget that fly fishin', unless you're a wuss
Get yourself some real bait, and come along with us
There's Chromies in the river, down by the slough
Start your engines gentleman, we got business t'do
On the Hog Line
On the Hog Line
There's a forty pound salmon, and that fishy is mine,
We're bringin' down the hammer 
On the Hog Line
Wait a minute baby, where's my thermos t'go?
Hand me over that ol' hook son, lemme slip on some roe
Now just toss it in the water, ain't no reason t'cast
They're schoolin' on the radar, and they won't make it past 
This ol' Hog Line,
We're on the Hog Line
Now when there's thirty-five boats, that's a pretty good sign
It's time t'bring down the hammer on the Hog Line
 Oh there's Hogs in the river!!! Not just a few!!!
Start your engines gentlemen, we got FISHIN' t'do
 Choruses, fade