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I need a half inch router and a three-ton jack
I need a rear tine tiller and a wet dry vac
I want a gas line trimmer for the locoweed
I need a cordless sander with a warrantee but I..
Don't need this broken heart
That only time will mend
I can …fix almost anything
But when love turns its back
They don't make a tool for that
I need a dust collector and a laser stand
I need a broadcast spreader for the nitrogen 
I want a biscuit cutter to repair the porch
I need a nail compressor and a propane torch but I
Don’ need this broken heart
I need a joiner/planer and a socket wrench
I need a post hole digger to install the fence
I want a jet stream washer and a doweling jig
I'll take a generator with a welding rig but I
Don't need this broken heart
That only love can mend
I can… fix almost anything
And I'd bring her sweet love back…
But they don't make a tool for that..
No they don't make a tool…..don’ make a tool for that