1. One Hit Wonder

From the recording Useful Information

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I don' think I'm askin' too much if I make this one request
I've been workin' hard for many years and I try to do my best
But a song that makes the hit parade is something that I've missed
So I'd appreciate it if you'd grant me this small wish!
I wanna be a one-hit wonder, I wanna be a one-hit wonder
I wanna be a one-hit wonder, just one time!
And If I could be a one-hit wonder, If they would give my song a number
Then I could be a one-hit wonder, before I die
Well my mp3s are listed so you can download from my site
And I practice my guitar before I go to bed at night
Then I dream my composition will be climbing up the chart
And I thank you Mr. DJ from the bottom of my heart!
Yes I know a verse and chorus should be followed by a bridge
And I know that I can do it because the "Swingin' Medallions" did!