1. We Got A Lab

From the recording Useful Information

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(featuring Blaine Deatherage-Newsom "calling the dog")
He chews our socks, he chews our shoes
Our shoes are wasted, so is the table
We love this puppy,  we get him chew toys
I much prefer the rubber ones, they're quieter
We got a lab...... A Labrador Retriever
We named him Chestnut, we're Labrador Believers
He licks our hands, he licks our faces
He licks the lawn, where other labs pee
We love this puppy, he flops his head on your neck
When you are drifting off to sleep
Chorus Solo (spoken word: come here boy....here Chess....get your toy....NO BITE!)
We found a big Pet supermarket, we get the best food they have
We use our credit card, we get other stuff
How many pig ears does one dog need Chorus, fade