From the recording Who Come Down?

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He isn’t much of a speaker, but he does speak his mind
Folks listen and take the grain of salt he leaves behind
Ordinary him as he stands
And garnishes his diatribe, by throwin’ up his hands...
You mighta noticed that he
Never met an opinion he didn’t have
Never met an opinion.........oh yeah
He never met an opinion he didn’t have
Politics, religion.... Yankee sluggers and bats
The best cars in the USA and the 
Best dogs and cats
The best steak in Texas....the best ribs in town
Time for a change in The White House
He never lets us down, because he never
Don’ wanna label somebody....
Don’ wanna dwell on it but....
Don’ wanna give my ear to some pontificating nut
Popsicles are still the king “quiescently” frozen dessert
He doesn’t think that Ernie’s gay but, quite certainly Bert
We jus’ need more weapons, to launch a new attack
If we jus’ nuke the Middle East that’ll
Get us out of Iraq....jus’ my opinion but uh.....