From the recording Who Come Down?

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I love t’see the roses, comin’ back again
My pulse runs stronger, when the earth is on the mend
I’ve been waiting for you to call, in my easy chair
I thought I’d spend my life alone,
Now when I hear the telephone
That’s when I spring to my feet, ‘cause I am falling for you
I know that some are gonna think we are crazy it’s true
And when the winter comes round
We’ll bundle up t’keep dry
And spend the days we have together
Watching the season go by
We’ve seen some battles, got our kids grown up
As if those wives and husbands, weren’t difficult enough
I’ve been watching my hair turn grey,
And you have done the same
My hearing isn’t great these days
But when I hear you say my name
I know some think that at our age
We should just be still
But you love fresh picked daisies
So when I think I see some, over the hill