1. Little Volvo

From the recording Vehicular Tuneage

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Everybody sings about the fastest cars
Like a little deuce coupe with a flat head mill
But you shouldn’t drive fast in the neighborhood
And what’s so cool about scoops on a hood?
Squealin’ at the light sounds so damn great
If the cops don’t see ya do it!
Well before it starts I wanna stop the bleedin’
My safe car was made in Sweden!
Go little Volvo...... you got a fortified dash
Go little Volvo...... you’re good in a crash
Go Little Volvo......this cargo is precious to me
Go Little Volvo......my son, the dogs and Marie
That little Nash Rambler goes beep beep beep
Cuz it goes so fast you gotta let it by
People drive so fast, what are they thinkin’?
You could get killed in some hot rod Lincoln!
So... gimme a car with air bags front
Air bags roof, air bags side
I don’t car much about speed when I drive
I just wanna get there alive!
Go little Volvo.....I like the traction control
Go little Volvo.....you’re not likely to roll
Go little Volvo......crash dummy delight
Go little Volvo......we are choosin’ life
Most of us appreciate greatly
Your innovations in personal safety!

go Little Volvo, you're Ecologically tight
go Little Volvo, you're livin' up to the hype
go Little Volvo, You're not that cheap
go Little Volvo, and you're the safest car on the street!