1. Woodie

From the recording Vehicular Tuneage

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I need a travelin' car. One t'haul my board in,
when I go to the beach
I need a real good deal. And a woman to stand with me, through this whole ordeal
Now I've been shoppin' everyday, and I am proud to say it's done
While you've been standing by my side, now would you like to take a ride?!

Chorus: Cuz I just got a woodie, thinkin' about you
Yeah I jus' bought a wagon, so we can hit the road
And you have been so good to me, while I've been on this shoppin' spree
And I just got a woodie, thinkin' about you!

I like surfin' a lot! And drinkin' beer with friends when I go to the beach
So here we go, cuz I jus' bought a new rig, and we are stylin' now
And you have been so radical, what a bitchin' surfer gal
While you've been standin' by my side,
I jus' bought a gnarly ride

pre chorus:
If I apply the wax and all, I know you'll buff my woodie doll,
And that's why you just came to mind, when I got that contract signed.....
last chorus