From the recording Regards From The Roombar

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I was six or seven when a little bit-o-heaven walked down that country road
I was standin' in the yard'n helpin' mama with the garden
When I felt my heart explode
I was just a little boy but it was love at first sight
So I asked if I might  split…
Well I took her some flowers and we played for hours
And that was the end of it.
I didn't have much chance from that day on,
There were boys in a steady stream
There was Chick and Dennis and Timmy Ellis, the
Captain of the football team
But in senior high I got my shot, when the game went overtime
She said she'd always loved me, and that kinda shoved me
Back to the front of the line
I was back!!!, back in front…
Back in front of the line
I was back, back back back
Back in front of the line
The years went by, I left for a job ..huh…seemed like a logical plan
Then she got a life as somebody's wife, and I became a family man
Well she went on to have a messy divorce, but not as messy as mine
And when I found her again, she said "where have you been?"
And I was back in the front of the line
Chorus 2x,  "Now I'm back!" include "ready for a grand old time"