1. Marginal Style

From the recording Regards From The Roombar

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I bought a new winter coat, at a shop downtown
One with lotsa pockets, and loaded with down
Well it's a nice big cover, I won't be getting cold
I look like I'm a candidate for the ski patrol
It's Marginal Style… But that's what I wear....
I am getting older now, and I do not care
I might be set in my ways…not easy to rile
I'm jus' stayin' comfortable… with marginal style
I love my aging pick-up, from ninety and one
We've been friends forever and we get a lot done
You know it may not be pretty… I'm sure you'd agree…
But I still take it through the wash….
And it smells just like me
It's marginal style…. But that's what I drive
I am getting older now, but I'm still alive
I might be set in my ways, after all of those miles
And I'll be passing on your left, with marginal style
Well I need readin' glasses, and my hair has gone astray
So I jus' wear this baseball hat….. sixteen hours a day
Oh, maybe I'm not "with it", I don' dress like the kids
And I don' wear Armani, whatever that is
I've got some flannel shirts and a stack 'o' jeans, nothin' low-cut
But at least they're stayin' on me and not
Fallin' offa my butt
It's marginal style, but that's who I am
I am getting older now, and I don't give a damn
Someday I'll go to my rest, with a reason to smile
Cuz on my stone a little poem’ll say…. "Marginal Style"
 fade on "marginal style" vocal repeat

photo below: I was working in the yard when Marie suggested I walk the dogs through the neighborhood in Portland .
Left my fluorescent knee pads On. Marginally Stylish. Convenient for picking up doggy doody though.