From the recording Dubs On Trial

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Allergy with the sneeze
Allergy with the wheeze
We can be sure you will.....remember to take your pill
Or you’ll be suffering all day...
Try to get lots of your computer desk...
Allergy Sufferer
Allergy’re mad as hell
Allergy Sufferer....when your tongue starts to swell
So keep those carpets clean...t’keep all your histamine
From getting a chance to make you ill
But maybe that scone you tried...did have an egg inside
Allergy Sufferer
Maybe you’re itchin’ so you start t’bitchin’ cuz it ain’t fun
Gimme a jingle if you start to tingle when you’ve been stung
Allergy Sufferer....I heard you got
Allergy Sufferer...anaphylactic shock
When you were driving popped a few prednisone
Then took a turn for the ER
Now you won’t forget get a fresh Epipen...
Allergy Sufferer