1. Dopamine!

From the recording Dubs On Trial

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In 2004-2005, Marie read aloud Warren St. John's great book, "Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer", which is a very charming and funny examination of Alabama football and it's no less than rabid (but also charming) fan base. One passage in the book explores the action of dopamine in the body as it relates to sports. Dopamine flow in the body rises in the bod as one engages with a thrilling game or match, and this phenomena has actually been studied in the lab using monkeys as subjects, rewarding them with various things, like apple juice, after they have "won" the juice by performing some task, and BAMM here comes the dopamine. So the suggestion is that engaging in sports and winning actually gets the ol' dopamine coursing through us cray cray sports fanatics, ok i get it then, we basically strive to get that dopamine rush, cuz we're dopamine addicts, that's the actual call of sports and contests. So I wrote and recorded this song about it, and sent it to awesome author Warren, who provided a much enjoyed dopamine rush by giving us his blessing and even a great review! When Warren visited Portlandia to read at Powell's Books, Blainey and I had a beer with him. Warren has gone on to write another great book, Outcasts United: An American Town, A Refugee Team and One Woman's Quest to Make a Difference, and is currently editor in chief at PATCH. Both of Warren's books have been optioned for movies!


I love the NFL, I love the NBA
I love to see one land in Frisco Bay
I like to play to win, It fires up my brain
I get a special high at the football game.....
Every time I scream
Here comes the DOPAMINE!
I love the Poker shows, I like the river card
I like the rush I get when I win one hard
I like to play to crush, I wanna wear the crown
I get a royal flush when the chips are down....
When I’ m holdin’ queens
Here comes the DOPAMINE!
Turn a monkey’s hormones loose....let’m win some apple juice
Neuroscientists have seen....they begin to neurotransmit raging dopamine!!!!
I like to make a bet on the superbowl
I like to watch The Tide begin to roll
I love t’see’m score...the juices start to flow
A little knock-out punch...or a touchdown throw...
We won by seventeen
Here comes the DOPAMINE!
We're on the winning team!
Here comes the dopamine, dopamine!