From the recording Dubs On Trial

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"That Ric Seaberg, he's so stable, and never nutty", said no one ever". (Thought it might me funny to do a reggae version of this song so I could say "She's a monneater")


She only come out’ anigh, deh lean a’hungry tyyyyype
Nuttin’ idda new , I seen huh here befoe
Watchin’ an’waitin’, ooooh she sitta witta you 
buh her eye iss on deh doe
So many day pay to see...whatchu thinka you getta foe free
Deh woman issa wile, a she cat tame by deh purr offa jaguah
Issa money dat matta, if you inna foe luv you ain’ gonna get to fah
Oh here she come, watch out boy, she chew you up
Oh here she come, sheese a moneateah (repeat)
I wouldn’t iffa I were you, I know wha’shee can do
Sheesa deadly mon, she could really rippa yo whirl apar
mind ova  matta, ooohh deh beauty issa dare but da bease iss inn deh heart
chorus 4x
second chorus - she only come outa nigh’