1. One Dog Night

From the recording Dubs On Trial

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In trouble again. My baby was on attack I thought I might clean the fridge Pull out the yogurts in the back But I guess I was wrong. it turned into a big ol' fight Now that was a terrible day.. And a one dog night In the den again- Just the two of us lickin' our wounds Sharin' a super-size, fightin' for sofa room It's a long way back..when your bark's as big as your bite Now that was a terrible day.....And a one dog night Solo Bridge Now there are times I would rather die But it's not my time to go Someone here still needs to fetch. So someone has to throw. Oh I wish I could say "I love you", just one more time Take her hand down a rocky road Tell her how blessed I am she's mine Go to sleep with a little laugh Wake up beside my wife Oh it's been a terrible day And it's a one dog night