1. Sour Cream

From the recording Dubs On Trial

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The food Lester loves......the artichoke
Oat bran cereal, half ‘n’half
The food Lester loves.....the barbecue
Baby backs or a leg of lamb
But whether breakfast, lunch or dinner
There is one unbeaten winner.....
Sour Cream! goes with anything you like to eat
Sour Cream!  doesn’t matter if it’s savory or sweet!
Nachos, cheesecake, Apple Strudel
Chicken or Beef Burgundy
Danish Pastry, Cheesy Blintzes
Or your favorite fricassee
In the borsch you make for grandad
It’s one perfect saucy comrade!
Other condiments have style
But nothing is so versatile
Chorus then
Last chorus
Sour Cream! from Seattle to the Carribean
Sour Cream!
We prefer our grub with
Sour Cream!