1. You Saved Me!

From the recording Dubs On Trial

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You save condiment packets, and those twisty things on bread
You save Atlantic Monthlys 'til I cannot see the bed
We've got plastic bags and rubber bands to last a century
But I'm forever grateful that you saved me
You save lilacs and roses, you cannot bear to prune
It's hard to find the sidewalk by the middle of june
And every tag from every plant for eternity
But I'm forever grateful that you saved me
When I was lost you were there to show me the way
While God was drinkin' coffee at the Campus Café
And He prefers his brew at The Divinity School
Cuz it says so on that t-shirt you bought in '72!!!!
You save your grandmother's glasses, and her doilies full of holes
Clothes that haven't fit since you were 18 years old
And every rock and piece of wood you found by the sea
And so you see I'm grateful that you saved me