From the recording The Cutting Room Floor

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I was havin’ dinner with the unit I call spouse
When suddenly we smelled some funky smoke aound the house
We put down our plates ... headed straight into the street
T’see if there was someone with a chimney spewin’ heat
Well we were not surprised t’see our neighbors on the right
Smokin’ like a furnace so my wife piped up in spite
They must be Burnin’ Barbie Boxes and some chunks of rubber hose
Old prescription bottles and some dippy hippie clothes
Wigs from 1960 and a leather catcher’s mitt
Honey please go over there and tell’em all t’quit!
I walked back into the house and drank a glass of red
Usually I sip it but I guzzled it instead
I smelled latex burnin’, from my easy chaiir
I gathered up some courage and I marched right over there
I knocked once, and then I heard the dogs begin t’bark
And as the door came open I could see’m by the hearth
Yeah they were Burnin’ Barbie Boxes and some chunks of rubber hose
Right there in the fireplace where wood is spose’t’go
Wigs from 1960 and some rummage sale gear
Uniroyal, Firestone and possibly Goodyear
And then amid the squallor, I told’em I was sore
And maybe you can tell this ain’t the holler anymore!!!!!
You can’t be Burnin’ Barbie Boxes.....In the neighborhood
Nothin’ cloth or rubber.....try t’stick with wood!
Nose plugs work for swimmin’....not at suppertime
So quit Burnin’ Barbie Boxes and we’ll
Get along jus’ fine.....