From the recording The Cutting Room Floor


In this world of give and take
of drive-ins, and drive thrus
Wildest dreams get bought and sold
and hearts can get abused
well she came and went
like some incidental summer wind
jus’ blowin’ thru this land
with my heart in her hand
so i guess i’ll fade
I thought she’d fall for me
ive never been so wrong
how was my impression of 
what love far gone?
i believed in things
that should have just passed me by
like words spoke in passion
or a look in her eye
so i guess i’ll fade
i made some mistakes
when i let down my guard
found out how the heart breaks
on innocence boulevard oh yeah
ive been holding on
to something that doesnt mean
anything anyway
jus like a summer wind 
just like a summer like a summer wind 
i’m gonna fade
i’ll fade away