From the recording The Cutting Room Floor

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She was 25 in 63.....with 5 young kids includin’ me
We would watch til’ 9 or 10...when Mom would drive the Chevy in
I used to hear our friends next door say “Lorrie
Quit that job or you’ll be sorry....
You spend too much time down there....breathin’ in that toxic air”
Mom would laugh and close one eye....and this was her reply......
It jus’ smells like clothes and school supplies
Maybe it’s not the best it can be
But it smells like money to me
Laney went to Idaho, Julie lives in Spain
Jimmy has a sailboat, and Kimmie grows our grain
And before she died our dear Mom, Lorrie
Had our baby brother Cory...but Cory did not get to stay
And never heard our mother say
I drove out to see the place where Mother used to work
The land is bare, where Mom had been
I swear I heard her whisperin’
It jus’ smells like you go climb a tree
Maybe it’s not the best it can be..
But it smells like money to me
It jus’ smells like pizza and TV
Things we need don’t come for free
And it smells like money to me