1. Jerk Coffee

From the recording The Cutting Room Floor

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I love my Java Man Coffee...Michael and the crew
I go there every mornin’ for my favorite brew
Well every shop is tryin’ t’make a special concoction
T’set apart their coffee venue
So here’s a new on for the menu!
I’m gonna make Jerk Coffee!...whad’y’a think?
Herbs and spices blended in espresso drinks
Salt and garlic, smoky flavors, sittin’ in your cup
I’m gonna make Jerk Coffee, to wake yer ass up
Forget the slushees, if you want a thrill
This train won’t be stoppin’ in Margaritaville
I got peppers from Pomona I have ground into dust
You will be reborn Jamaican...when ya taste my new sensation!
There’s jes nothin’ better when you get outa bed
When you still got too much heavy rum in your head
When you see that steam arisin’..at six o’clock
Come around and tell me if ya like extra hot!
Now I’m makin’ Jerk Coffee, I can’t keep up
The local paper wants my recipe for this stuff
But see, Ya have t’come t’me...if you want a cup
Cuz I’m makin’ Jerk Coffee, t’wake yer ass up!