1. Sweary Girl

From the recording ADULTS ONLY!!

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Sweary Girl
(Ric Seaberg) Copyright October 2015

She says fuck it- when she's in the mood
She says suck it- that's her attitude
She says eat it, you asshole
To Debbie and to Earl
She doesn't spare profanity
Cuz she's a very sweary girl
She says Bite me, you are the one 
you stole my boyfriend, you shit fuck ton
Kiss this rosy ass, now
Give it a whirl
You might need your ear plugs 
Cuz she's a very sweary girl
Oh it’s just her language
She don't need help 
she is very good at....
Expressing herself
"That rat bastard, he'll pay the price
Oh how I'd love to, stick his nuts in a vice"
Yeah when she gets goin'
Your hair will curl
You're a dick, Chuck, clusterfuck
To a very sweary girl
She's a very sweary girl
She’s a sweary girl!