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He was a lazy boy, and man he could eat
I could always feel him staring at me when it was time for a treat
Come on dad let's go for a walk 
And while we're walking you can talk
Let me in on all your plans
And tell me what a good boy I am
Oh my dog didn't die, he just fell asleep
Kinda like he used to do at my feet
And when I think of the love he gave
Oh I still hear his bark
And so my dog he did not die
He jus' fell asleep in my heart
He always told the mailman 
"Let me make this clear
We don' want no packages
You get outa here"
And though I miss his little head falling on my chest
Oh there's a better place for him 
Somewhere he can rest… 
He sure always loved to stand
Next t'me inside a'my van
We still share the scenery
Cause he's at peace inside of me
Chorus, out