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I want a jungle room an' a plate o ribs
with barbecue sauce all over my bib
I want a big estate with a pretty lawn 
And sheets fulla sweat till the break of dawn
I want to live by myself live like The King 
with my Elvis shrine for the Reverend Green
Well it won't be home but it will be this....
Jus' a little more Memphis
I'm gonna ride into town in a Cadillac
With my top down baby and my troops in the back
I got a fender bass and an ol' guitar
Hangin outa the trunk  o'that Cadillac car
We're gonna play some blues...... stay up all night
Drinkin' wine from a bottle til the mornin' light 
Well it won't be hot but it will be this....
Jus' a little more Memphis 
Well the only way you're gonna to sweat till dawn 
In Portland town is with the heater on
Well there's plenty of ribs
And sweet tea maybe
When you're hangin' around at the food carts baby
I wear my shorts everyday even when it rains
With my Grizzlies shirt at the Blazer games
They got a catfish sandwich that I love to eat
Up on the way t’my nosebleed seat
There's an ol' stern wheeler on the river here
With a big brass band and some local beer
But what I really want when I reminisce.......
Is jus' a little more Memphis
Yeah jus' a little more Memphis 
Yeah jus’ a little more.....