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I could be so pensive and talk a lot less
What's on my mind, ya just have to guess
I would answer your questions but not volunteer
How I feel about you or anything dear
I wish I was a brooding mysterious man
With eyes made of the darkest coal
Oh I'd be strong and lean and tan
If I was a brooding mysterious man
Brooding mysterious men work out
So they can look good when they start to pout
Always quiet, never shout
So people would wonder what I'm thinkin' about
Jims and Tims and Micks and Rics
Brooding mysterious men get chicks
But I already have a spouse
Watchin' me brood all over the house
Cuz now I am a brooding mysterious man
Yes I have got the darkest soul
And she's become my biggest fan
Now that I'm a brooding mysterious man!
Outro includes:
That’s what I’m like, I’m so mysterious
A mystery man, I’m so serious!