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We're gonna cruise by costco to buy some wine
We're gonna party like it's 1999
No packin! We're slackin! That ain' a crime
We're gonna stay right here this time
No trailer hitchin' or flyin' abroad
No babysittin' or boardin' the dogs
No campin' supplies, no gathering gear
We've been waitin' for this trip all year!!
Cuz it's the epic......staycation
Yeah it's the epic........epic staycation 
There's lots of attractions that I'm writin' down
Like 3 new breweries in our own home town
When we leave town with a credit card
We never see great stuff in our own backyard
So let's make a list, of things we can do, 
It's been 10 long  years since we've been to the zoo
Drive into Seattle! This is our place!
And when were done with that
We can stare into space!!!!
Cuz it's the Epic......Staycation  etc
OH light up the barby
We're havin a ball
And there's a big ass tv up on the wall!!
cuz it's the Epic.... Staycation etc

Background singers: 
Staying' right here cuz that's where we wanna be
Stayin' right here cuz we like the scenery
Staying' home now, we're staying home this year.......
2 Choruses, out