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I don’ drive at all that’s the secret to life
I don’ drive a car,  no I jus’ ride a bike!
I don’ pay insurance, n’don’ pay for gas
I don' buy big tires that aren't gonna last
When I’m in the saddle i’m flyin’ first class cuz 
I don’t drive
Now it can be tough not driving at all
It’s hard to play golf or to get to the mall
Well even in winter I’m ridin' in shorts
With bicycle socks, for extra support
Cuz when you’re in Portland that’s par for the course
yeah I dont drive
I get a lot more done cuz I dont drive
I have a lot more fun since I dont drive
I hit the bodega when I’m on the street
Don’ drive to the market for tofu n’ beets
No ozone depletion from an oversize bomb
I can’t haul a table or coconut palm
So I make my order with
since I dont drive
Bridge 2
And when I move on hope my tombstone will say
Oh I did my best not to drive everyday
A nice eco-friendly peddle’n guy
And you’ll see my name there, when you’re walkin’ by
I don’t drive