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I lived in LA  but I don’t anymore
You're on the freeway, you gotta drive everywhere
Got out of LA and I went to New York
I lived in LA, I don't live in LA anymore
LA was a desert A hundred years ago
Cacti and shrubbery and sand and some lizards
Humans came along heads full of ideas
Water and magic engineers and wizards
I only love LA from above
LA's only right for me when it's night
LA only at night

I crashed in the north landed in Koreatown
Did a stint in Los Feliz and back up the 5
Bills piled up the collectors were hounding me
I'm lucky that I even got out alive
I remember the day that I rolled into town
Car full of stuff heart full of ambition
It wasn't long till I was struck dumb
Wool over my eyes I lost sight of my mission 
chorus, first verse, out