1. Teenage Possum
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I tried to get a little sleep.....I tried to get a little shut eye
I wasn't sleeping very deep....There was something in my mind's eye
It had a little toothy grin....Somehow I can't forget it's face
Cuz when I went to settle down I found instead a teenage possum on my bed
There was a teenage possum on my bed.....A teenage possum is what I said
It coulda landed in the woods instead...Some doggy put a teenage possum on my bed
And when I saw him lying there....Playing possum with his tousled hair
I thought I mighta seen his eyes blink...That's when I left to get a drink
I peeked again with my lemonade.....With hope the little guy had strayed
But he was lying on the bed we'd made.....And everybody was a little bit dismayed
I went outside to get some air...Picked out a shovel in my shed
I found one member of our group was ill.....She'd never seen a dead marsupial
I guess our little poodle found......That adolescent on the ground 
Not everybody gets to brag....they had a possum on their bag
Chorus then
There was a teenage possum by my stuff...Some people think that I am kinda tough
But I have not forgotten it as yet – that time we had a teenage possum on the bed