1. Understood
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When I die don' google me
Don' try t'find my diary
Don't ever wonder what turned me on
An' don' try to read it into my songs
Don't call my children and ask what I thought
Don't tear my poetry down from the top
You know I'd like to be nonchalant
But this is what I want
I want to be understood, 
understood, understood
I want to be understood, understood In my own time
When you say you need time alone
That's all I ever need t'know
If you call me with fear and doubt
We can always talk it out
Everybody needs to whine a bit
Sometimes the shoe don't fit
Sometimes ya feel so blue
And that's when I will listen to you
Chorus (You want to be understood etc)
Communication is preferred
Everybody wants to be heard
No hazy mirrors or smoke
Let's not wait til after we croak
Chorus (We want to be understood etc)
Repeat out