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Feelin’ All The Things

Ric Seaberg 1969


Woke up in the mornin’, sun was shinin’ high

The rooster called me to my feet and I 

Looked through my window to the sky

I remember how easy it was to get up

When I was a kid

Now I’m old and my story’s told and I’m

Feelin’ all the things that I did



Feelin’ all the things you did

My bones are so so so sore

Feelin’ all the things you did

That I can’t do anymore


Verse 2

It was like playin’ to get up and go to work each day

Nothin’ to it! And on Fridays I’d get my pay......

Put my party shoes on, and dance the night away

The things I did when I was young, I just can’t do today



Repeat verse 1, 

Chorus out