1. Burned Again

From the recording There Goes Rhymin' Pie Man

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You know those moments in life when your heart has just broken into a million pieces and so there you are crawling around on the rug collecting the shards of said heart while tears stream from your eyes and you pretty much believe that you will never emerge from that dungeon and just stay single the rest of your life because the pain you are experiencing is something you know will kill you if you ever have to go through it again? So I got together with my buddy Larry Sieber in 1983-84 in the quonset hut on the side of his house where his intention was to build a recording studio which he eventually did. We recorded this song with one good mic onto some kind of teeny single track cassette deck. So sorry about the poppin' and hissin' on this one. The cassette has been buried in my less than temperature controlled closet for 30 years. After I got the song onto the computer I added a couple of background vocals and a tambourine to sweeten it a bit.