From the recording There Goes Rhymin' Pie Man

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You know one never knows what might inspire the writing of a song. With this one, I had invented a savory pie at Favorites Bakery which I titled Eggplant Ratatouille Pie. It's a very good recipe, what can I say? It sold well. But time consuming to make. Not a big money maker, gee come to think of it I may have created bakery products a'many which probably fall in the category of "loss leader". Loved making those delicious pies. And the filling. So then this song bursts forth one day, kind of a silly poppy thing, but the most amusing thing to me is, you could fairly say I had to invent the pie in order to invent the song. So to herald the whole wacky event, I recite the recipe on the end of the song, it's not very concise, but if you can cook at all I think you could figure out how to make the pie if you listen to the recipe. I thank you.