From the recording There Goes Rhymin' Pie Man

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Ya get a flicker of a melody, or a lyric idea, and before you know it, it's a song. I approached my buddy Larry Sieber in 1991 or 92 to do a little recording in his Seattle recording studio. Larry was an exceptional keyboardist, but his major talent was following equipment trends and learning how to use the best new stuff. This was during the time that actual samples of instruments were first being recorded to be used as digital samples. So of course Lare had actual horn sounds and some amazing chimey/organy keyboard sounds, it was so much fun to record with him and see what he came up with, back then in 92. The song, meh. But Lare made magic with the backing track.
Here's a shot of Lare and I on a Seattle ferry. One day when I had been in Seattle recording, we just decided to go take a ferry ride, cuz it's awesome.