From the recording There Goes Rhymin' Pie Man

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Spent a lot of time dining out during the bakery years, I mean, I owned a bakery/restaurant, I'm a foodie, so maybe not too weird there was lots of trying restaurants. Well if you are out eating in Spring during high school prom time, you are gonna see a lot of young high school kids and their friends having dinner before prom, and well, it's cute as hell, all these fresh faced young folks dressing up and wearing corsages and boutonnieres, and talking a mile a minute. The naiveté is palpable! I have a dear female friend who well remembers struggling through the menu, as a junior in high school, at the fancy prom night restaurant, and ended up ordering cherries jubilee for her entree cuz it was the only thing she recognized on the menu. All that stuff, and the dressing up, gave me the idea for this song.